Scissors to cut hair: what are the main types that exist?

It is no exaggeration to say that the right utensils are essential for the success of wellness and beauty treatments . And it wouldn't be different with scissors to cut hair . However, many people have no idea how much each material makes a difference in the desired cut. To get more ideas, check out: Best Hair Cutting Shears

To resolve the issue, we will give you perfect tips for doing well in the role, knowing the specific scissors features and models.

Importance of scissors in haircut

Beauty professionals know how important it is to invest in appropriate accessories and tools to be successful in the service. And it would be no different with the relationship between the haircut and the scissors.

To get an idea, there are specific scissors for each cut, be it more geometric, funky, short or long. In the quest for perfection, choosing the material that suits what you want and knowing how to handle it correctly is a rule.

But there is no reason to panic: betting on trusted brands and quality utensils, you can be more secure when cutting your hair!

Ideal types of scissors for cutting hair

You have understood how important scissors are to achieve the expected result. However, we still haven't answered most people's question about the accessory: what are the ideal types to cut hair?

To resolve the issue, it is possible to list four main scissors (such as laser, razor, bite and thermal), which help the hairdresser to be precise in his work.

Laser wire scissors

With the action of micro-saws, the laser wire scissors have the function of holding the strand to ensure that the cut is as accurate as possible, locking the strand and preventing it from escaping while the hairdresser finishes the work on the strand.

Straight razor scissors

Unlike the laser type, the razor wire scissors have smooth and very sharp blades, whose purpose is to give more sliding when cutting. In this sense, this material can be used to unravel strands and achieve more movement and lightness for the client's wires.

Toothed scissors

Also known as thinning, the toothed scissors are ideal for reducing the volume of the hair , being functional to achieve a more harmonious finish after the straight appearance left by the laser scissors.

Thermal scissors

Apart from the three main variations of the hair instrument, there is the option of thermal scissors, which have the blade heated before cutting the hair. The tool temperature, its great differential, can vary from 110 ° C to 150 ° C.

Finally, there are also different models of scissors on the market, such as the instrument with a rotating fitting for placing fingers, which gives more comfort and precision when cutting. But do you know what each model of this powerful and much needed accessory in beauty salons is for?

What is each model of scissors to cut hair

So far, you have identified the main types of scissors, from laser to razor, to thinning and thermal, but the question remains: what is the use of each model? The answer depends, necessarily, on the model chosen, either to obtain a more disconnected look, or to achieve a geometric cut, or to give a better finish at work.

Laser and geometric appearance

The accessory - best known among people due to the similar appearance to scissors with straight nails - is common in barbershops due to the precise result in male hair. However, it can be used for both sexes, as the utensil is generally used to achieve a more geometric style (left by the action of the micro saws), like the straight chanel model.

Razor and shredded cut

A curiosity about this scissors with thin and sharp blades is that, depending on the shredded request by the customer, there are different powers to do the peak in the hair, from models with 10% to 50% change in the look.

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